What To Expect

While we work with appliance repairs every day, most people aren’t familiar with what to expect, which can make a down unit even more frustrating. While the goal is to get your product back up and running as fast as possible, we can also minimize the frustration by helping you understand what to expect.

Here is what you can expect.

Step 1

Requesting Your Service Call

The process to get your appliance back in top working order starts with you contacting either your product’s manufacturer or a Diamond employee. Generally speaking, manufacturer’s prefer customers call them when requesting service for in warranty repairs, followed by their dispatching the repair request to a preferred servicer. DFS North is the preferred service company by nearly every product manufacturer we support. Out of Warranty repairs can be arranged by calling Diamond directly, or scheduling on line. See homepage for details.

Step 2

Our Senior Technician Review

Shortly after your request for service our senior technicians will review your repair needs. In some instances the make, model and problem allow us to conclude what part is needed. In other instances it may be unclear to us, and we will need to talk with you about the repair before proceeding. In all cases, it is very important that we have a make, model number and preferably the serial number on file so that we arrive prepared to resolve the problem.

Step 3


In most cases we will have the parts needed on hand. In some cases a part will need to be ordered. Most parts ordered arrive within 1-2 business days of our ordering them. If a part needs to be ordered, our Senior Technician will contact you to discuss your repair.

Step 4

Appointment Confirmation

One business day before your scheduled appointment you will receive a phone call confirming your service visit. This call comes from area code 269. During this call we will review the 3 hour window we expect to arrive at your home. 

Step 5

Day of Your Appointment

Our technicians start their day at approximately 7:30. First appointments are typically 7:30-8:00. Our technicians are given the ETA we provided you the day prior, along with any other special instructions. Our technicians will arrive in a white vehicle with Diamond badging on it.

Your technician will review your product and let you know what we believe the problem with the product is, and how we plan to repair it. Shoes will be removed or covered with a protective bootie to make sure we don’t track any materials into your home. Protective floor materials will be used when appropriate. When the repair is completed, your technician will review what was done to repair your product, and answer any questions. Any out of warranty charges are due at this time.