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About Us

The St. Louis and Kansas City metro areas of Diamond Factory Service are locally owned and operated. We are part of a larger organization that provides service in Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan and Indiana. When selecting Diamond Factory Service you not only get one of the largest and most advanced service companies in your local market, but leveraged expertise from one of the largest independent service providers in the North America. Diamond has been providing in home service for more than a decade for thousands of satisfied customers.

The leadership team at Diamond consists of 3 individual with more than 100 years of experience servicing appliances, managing customer service, improving business processes and building great businesses for multiple fortune 500 companies.

In the St. Louis and Kansas City metro areas Diamond Factory Service is a Whirlpool Factory Certified Care (WFCC) Exclusive service provider. This is a unique distinction that only we have directly from Whirlpool in these markets. What does this mean for our customers? We have more access to training, our techs are certified by Whirlpool, and we only service Whirlpool Brands. While no service company can complete every call the first time, because of our relationship with Whirlpool we complete a very high percentage of calls the same day. Here are some of the reasons why….

  • Every call that comes to us is pre-screen by one of our experienced experts
  • We stock more than 1,000 different parts ourselves and have access to more than 3,000 for pre-screening
  • Pre-screened parts are sent to our technicians before we come to your home
  • If a part is still needed and it is in the local market, we can dispatch those parts to our tech to get the call completed in the same day in many instances

Before selecting a service provider, here are some questions you should be asking:

  • Are they factory trained and certified? Diamond is…
  • Are they a label by Whirlpool as “Whirlpool Factory Certified Care (WFCC)”? Diamond is…
  • Are they locally owned? Diamond is…
  • Do they specialize in Whirlpool Brands only? Diamond does
  • Do they have Fortune 500 leadership? Diamond does
  • Do they pre-screen every single call? Diamond does
  • Do they offer industry best parts solutions to fix it right the first on most calls? Diamond does

Diamond Factory Service has a very important combination of operating as your locally owned – home town experts while leveraging business leadership and infrastructure that has taken the very best solutions from not only the US but from across the globe with industry leading companies.

Give us a try and you will see why we are “a cut above the rest”.

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Appliance Repair, St. Louis

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of appliances do you service?

We service all types of major home appliances including but not limited to, Freezers, Cooktops, Washers, Dryers, Dishwashers, Disposals, Refrigerators, Ovens and Ranges.

How will I know when you will arrive?

We realize interrupting your day to have your appliance repaired isn’t what most of us dream of doing. To help minimize the disruption, all of our appointments are scheduled with a three hour time window; e.g., 10:00-1:00, 12:00-3:00, etc. We will contact in the afternoon one business day prior to your appointment to estimate when we plan to arrive to service your appliance. If you would like, we can also call you 15-30 minutes prior to arriving.

How do you charge for repairs?

A covered manufacturer warranty repair is provided at no charge, per the terms of your product’s manufacturer warranty. In warranty repairs do not include customer education, or other repairs not covered by the manufacture’s warranty, such as physical damage.  Out of Warranty repairs are broken into 3 categories: 1) Trip and Diagnosis, 2) Repair Labor and 3) Parts.  Trip and Diagnosis includes our technician visiting your home, reviewing what is needed to repair your appliance and a written estimate of the work required for your appliance. Trip, Diagnosis and Labor are one time charges, regardless of how many trips we may need to make to repair your appliance.

How do I know if my appliance is worth repairing?

We can help by giving the unit a full diagnostic check to see if your appliance is worth the repair. Our technicians have years of field experience and will let you know if the cost of the repair is a better value than replacing the unit. If you choose not to have any repair work done, or the unit is not repairable, you would be responsible for just the Trip and Diagnostic fee. And be sure to ask us about our Trade Partner programs for products not worth repair too.

Why is it important for me to be home during the repair?

With the exception of apartments or commercial settings, we cannot send our technicians out to a home without a person being there during the repair. Invariably there are questions that someone needs to be on location to help us with. Please contact us to set up a more convenient date/time if this is the case.

Can I be billed for my repair?

As a general rule, payment for the repair provided is due when the technician completes the repair. We accept checks or charge-cards, and will email you a receipt showing what was done, and any relevant charges. We only set up billing accounts, NON-C.O.D accounts, with customers with specific history with our company and whose credit application has been approved by our accounting department. Some exceptions do apply, so please contact our office and any one of our friendly office staff will be able to help you with further information.

Will my appliance be fixed the same day?

At DFS North all repairs are reviewed by a senior technician prior to our technician visiting your home. We literally have thousands of parts in stock to draw off of. Based upon your make and model, we’ll do our best to get your repair completed on the first trip. However, if we don’t succeed, there is no additional cost to you for our having to return. Any second trips required include no additional trip or labor charge.

Common Appliance Problems


Is your refrigerator not cooling, or is it freezing items that shouldn’t be frozen? Do you have water leaking, an icemaker not working, frost build up, or it is just making more noise than it used to? Is your paddle broken off for the water or ice dispenser?   Or do you just want to stay ahead of the game and have your refrigerator’s cooling system cleaned annually? We’ve seen just about anything that can go wrong, and know how to get your refrigerator operating like it should again.


Washer just not cleaning like it used to? Is the hot or cold water not flowing into your washer, clothes wetter than they should be when the spinning cycle is done? Agitator not working? Or perhaps your washer won’t turn on, the water won’t drain out, or you are getting an error code? These are just some of washer related problems we know how to take care of.


Your dryer won’t turn on, won’t heat, or is taking too long to dry? Is it making a rhythmic thumping noise, or is the door not closing properly? Perhaps a knob is broken off, or are you getting an error code in your dryer display? We solve these types of problems nearly every day.

Ranges / Wall Ovens

Is your cooktop not heating or only getting warm? Does your oven take too long to reach the set temperature, or is unable to reach set temperature? Gas burner won’t light? Oven won’t self clean? Broken or cracked glass in the door or cooktop?   No power? These and just some of the types of problems we resolve nearly every day for our customers.


Is your dishwasher not cleaning dishes like it used to? Is the water not draining from the dishwasher basin, or worse, water leaking onto the floor? Upper rack not operating like it should, soap dispenser not opening? We can help minimize the frustration and dishpan hands, by providing timely and effective repair service.


Does your microwave turn on, but won’t heat? Your microwave has no power or the touchpad is inoperable. Turntable won’t turn? The fan doesn’t work, or has become really noisy? The lights no longer operate, or you simply want to have a new unit installed? It is amazing how much we’ve come to use this devise in our kitchen, which becomes quickly apparent when it stops working. We can get you back up and running quickly.